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  1. When I first started my NeuroGenX treatments I came in not having any sensation to my feet for over 5+ years. The numbness and pain associated with Neuropathy was unbearable. After my second treatment I woke up one morning and was able for the first time feel the carpet fibers. Since then I’ve noticed so much improvement in my feet. The pain and numbness has been decreasing. I know this treatment is not a cure but it’s helping me gain back a part of my life I thought I’d lost. On top of that, being a Diabetic I was able to get measured for a Free pair of Diabetic shoes! So glad this service is also available at LifeWorks NeuroDiagnostics Center. Thank you to the wonderful staff for giving me hope again.

  2. I have experienced pain in my thighs and numbness in my lower legs and feet due to nerve damage for the past 27 months. I have droop foot on my right side. I did not realize any relief from physical therapy nor changes in my pain medications. Through my first month of treatment with Dr. Murray, I have begun to have feelings in my right foot. This enables me to walk a little better. While I still have a long way to go, this has been very encouraging for me.

  3. I have been receiving services from this facility for a couple of months. The problem’s I was experiencing before the treatments began were painful and annoying, I would loose several hours of sleep per night. Since receiving services there has been a vast improvements in my circulation. I would highly recommend giving it a try. Dr. Murray and her staff are friendly, inviting and very professional.

  4. The team here is so friendly and caring. I do not know where I would be today without Dr. Murray. She is a extremely caring doctor and takes really good care of her patients. I’m so thankful to God for leading me to her. I recommend her to anyone who needs a neurologist. She has helped me to be able to walk better with neuropathy treatments. I have asked my daughter to let Dr. Murray treat me also for my dementia.

  5. I have been a patient of Dr. Murray for approximately 5 months. I have chemotherapy induced nerve damage and have been prescribed so many pain medications that didn’t help. I couldn’t stand for anyone to touch my legs, as just slight pressure from a simple pedicure was excruciating. I also experienced constant stabbing pain along with tingling in my hands, legs and feet. Since being under Dr. Murray’s care, I have seen improvement in the pain levels in my legs and the sensitivity to touch. It took a a few treatments to notice a difference but this has been by far the most improved I have felt in years. I continue to see improvement, as she adjusts my treatments based on my feedback. I genuinely recommend anyone suffering from nerve pain to give her innovative treatments, a try. I’m looking forward to starting treatment in my hands next.

  6. I have been a diabetic and had neuropathy for over 20 years. I have been receiving treatments for about 2 months. I can see a lot of improvement in my neuropathy. I can actually walk around the house barefoot. I actually walked outside on the grass today barefoot with much less pain. I am very impressed with the results of the treatments. Dr Murray sat down and listened to what I had to say and really wants to help. Her tech, Brenda is wonderful to work with and does a great job! Thank so much and I look forward to even better results.

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