Discover relief from Neuropathy symptoms with our comprehensive assessment.

If you have heard the dreaded words Neuropathy, then we are for you. We use Electromedical stimulation with the NeurogeX NervePro. Similar to a TENS unit, small electrodes are applied to your legs, feet, arm, or back, and a small stimulus is applied, which improves the health of your cells. The changes in your cells help improve your Neuropathy symptoms. 87% of patients have long-lasting and, in some cases, permanent improvement in symptoms.

We treat patients with all types of Neuropathy and Nerve pain conditions, regardless of the cause, for example:

  • Diabetic, Chemotherapy, Trauma
  • Burning
  • Tingling
  • Numbness

Neuropathy can be challenging and life-altering, but there is hope and help available at LifeWorks Neurodiagnostic Center. Our neurological diagnostic services aim to alleviate nerve pain, enhance nerve function, and improve overall quality of life.

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