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We use FDA-approved NeurogenX Electromedical Treatment technology to assess, diagnose, and effectively treat a wide range of neurological disorders that impact the lives of our patients, such as comprehensive evaluation for epilepsy, comprehensive evaluations for dizziness, and effective treatments for Neuropathy and nerve-related conditions. Our team of professionals works closely with you to assess your condition and create a tailored plan from our neurogenX services in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to address your unique challenges.

Assessment of Neuropathy

We treat patients with all types of Neuropathy and Nerve Pain conditions, regardless of the cause..

Assessment of Balance Problems

Regain your stability and confidence with our expert assessment of balance problems.

Assessment of Dizziness and Spinning

Put an end to dizziness and spinning sensations with our specialized assessment.

EEG Testing

Accurate diagnosis and monitoring complement our EEG testing.

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